Letting Go

Letting go

In this new play by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, a woman pries into the lives of a couple having an affair on her morning commute. As she watches, the woman reflects on her life. We learn that she is the product of a brutal childhood; is obsessed with the insincerity of social media and society’s morals; and how the last time she did something like this, it ended in murder.

This bleak, darkly comic satire reflects on how we live our lives through social media and the cost it has on our humanity. It explores how we, as a society, treat social media - the truths we don’t tell and the lies we do, and the tendency to view strangers we encounter on it as not real. It tells the story of an individual’s battle with their past, their demons and their struggle to come to terms with all this, while living in a society that is saturated by social media.

“I remember the moment people’s actions on social media made me realise there was a problem,” commented Bruce-Lockhart. “When the devasting image of the drowned Syrian boy on a beach was shared... some people attacked the father, displaying a brutal callousness for a human enduring unimaginable suffering.”

Bruce-Lockhart’s first play God 2.0, explored his personal take on faith. Letting Go is his attempt to examine the modern world, where social media is central in our society, but with few checks and balances. The play asks if, what social media is making us become, is our new normal? And should it be?

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