God 2.0

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Blueberry Goose Theatre Group Presents

GOD 2.0

Written and Directed by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart

A play imagining what happens when God holds the ultimate Q&Q session, live on TV.

What would you ask God? What if you didn’t like the answer?

In this religious satire by Kent based Blueberry Goose Theatre Group, God gives a monthly interview answering ANY question. For Ash Pentel, a troubled heavy-weight political journalist and this month’s interviewer, the right answer could be a life saver.

At one level the play is an exploration of how society might deal with the proven existence of God. How does society cope with the sudden proof that God exist? That God is real?

On another, it is about how individuals might process this understanding based on their own personal perspectives and prejudices.

Written and directed by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, God 2.0 had a successful 3 show run, of a fringe version of the play, at the Camden Fringe at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in August 2018.

A 4-star review of that performance can be found here: http://www.londontheatrereviews.co.uk/post.cfm?p=517

“Talking about God is never easy, especially if you don’t want to fall into clichés, or judgments or hurt somebody’s conscience. God 2.0 is a courageous play that accomplish all this, makes you look into yourself and gives food for thought for the days to come.” Londontheatrereviews.com

Bruce-Lockhart studied Theology and Religious studies at degree level. God 2.0 is an attempt to explore his personal take on faith and hopes people will take away their own message, their own understanding about their own questions and hopefully give food for discussion and conversation beyond the theatre seat.

There are two version of the play. One, which the longer one is based on, was performed at the Camden Fringe last year. This Camden version was an hour long with no interval – a 15 min get in and out time, 4 props and was a three hander.

The longer version runs at 1hr 30 mins with no intermission and is a five hander. This version of the play includes - projection, audience participation, multi-media and audience interaction.

Cast, Dates and Theatre will be announced shortly.


Contact: Andrew Bruce-Lockhart           Telephone: 07824 810 474